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Deaddiction Program

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Deaddiction Program

Substances of abuse/misuse/dependence include alcohol, cannabis, opioids, sedatives, prescription drugs

Any substance dependence is a chronic remitting and relapsing condition if motivation from patient or proper intervention from mental health professional is lacking

The features of dependence include

  • A craving for substance
  • a loss of control over the amount of consumption
  • withdrawal symptoms in case of delay/absence of substance use
  • increased quantity of substance required to get the desired effect.
  • neglect of alternative pleasures
  • continuing use despite harmful consequences on physical or mental health

In seeking treatment, please remember that medical supervision is essential in acute withdrawal state.
In addition to managing withdrawal state and complications with medication long term management plan needs to be formulated including both pharmacological and psychological options.

At AAS - The Rehab Centre, we:

  • Manage withdrawal ,assess the current physical complications and manage.
  • Help you understand what is driving you towards substances
  • Work with you to resolve these underlying issues
  • Build you up and empower you with a better understanding of the problem.
  • Maintenance of sobriety and prevention of relapse
  • Better functionality in terms of personal, occupational, familial and social domains.

The treatment plan constitutes apart from medical management, psychological measures like

  • Therapeutic community
  • 12 step Alcohol/narcotic anonymous program
  • Cognitive retraining
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