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AAS Rehabilitation Centre in Jalandhar, Punjab

About AAS Rehab Centre

AAS - The Rehabilitation Centre is premier state of the art rehabilitation centre that was established in 2014. In the years since it’s establishment, we have successfully treated over 800 patients in past 7 years. We have built our name in the field of patient care, rehabilitation programmes and world class facilities. Our excellent team of psychiatrists, psychologists and support staff is available round the clock for ensuring your smooth journey towards a healthy life

AAS the rehabilitation centre has taken a step forward and have come up with ladies wing with the team of professionals who will be dealing and treating chronic mental illness like dementia, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and de addiction.

The ladies wing of the rehabilitation will not only give an accepting environment but will also promote their welfare in domains of cognition, social skills and behavior, so as to help them feel secure and nurtured for a more holistic rehabilitation journey. The women’s care centre helps those in need of psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health care along with problems of addiction.

The aim of AAS is to support and to reintegrate them into their families and societies.


AAS, as the name implies is 'hope'.

AAS was established not as a project but as our hope for a healthier future. Firstly, it is our hope for addiction free future and secondly, our hope of a world where mental illness has moved beyond superstitions and stigma.

Our vision is to lend a helping hand in recovery of people suffering from psychiatric illness or drug addiction using medical and psychological measures. We strive to assist not only our patients but also their families to understand their illness and treatment milestones, so that our patients can re-integrate themselves into their families and societies as healthier and productive individuals.