Who We are ?

AAS The Rehablitation Centre

AAS the rehabilitation centre was established in 2014. It strives to maintain positive mental health care for patient’s suffering from chronic mental illness and de-addiction. After successfully treating over 800 patients since past 7 years we have taken a step forward and have come up with the ladies wing with the team of professionals who will be dealing and treating chronic mental illness like dementia, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and de addiction.

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AAS - The Rehab Centre - Provides services in the domain of both:



  • We are the first treatment centre in the region to offer intensive attention with multi-disciplinary approach.
  • We bring together both pharmacological and psychological intervention for better and sustained functional outcome.
  • All our practitioners and therapists meet and liaise regularly, so that every clinical decision is supported, endorsed and complemented by each and every other member of the team
  • We ensure that confidentiality is maintained and at the same time provide feedback to the specific & designated care giver.
  • We aim for maximum recovery and incorporation of our patients as a healthier person into their families and society.
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What Is AAS Rehab?

AAS Rehab Centre Provides Treatment for Methadone, Suboxone, Subutex, and prescription opiate medications using an effective, safe, and humane treatment in Jalandhar, Punjab, India